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The most handsome German conductor and the Olympic piano han...
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the double bass of the Berlin Philharmonic chief Esko Ryan jointly launched with the Hangzhou Philharmonic Orchestra String special tonight called the most handsome German conductor Gabriel Felts, will be invited to the Beijing Olympic Games pianist Tan Xiaotang"playing love" again blowing burst of German music storm in Hangzhou Grand Theatre.

As the music director of the Stuttgart Philharmonic Orchestra, the Gabriel the Felts handsome appearance and magical command of art in the Hangzhou Philharmonic Music Festival gave the audience left a deep impression. Last Hangzhou, Hangzhou impression Felts is also quite good, while the rehearsals I went to the West Lake, Temple
, This time to Hangzhou, he not only re-visit the West Lake, also went to the Xixi Wetland.

Turning to the impression of Hangzhou, he was rather excited, said: "China is mentioned, most Europeans only know Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai, when I took last year in Hangzhou landscapes show this to them, to this very modern, but they have such extreme natural landscape of the city to marvel. Hangzhou Philharmonic, I came to Hangzhou, I believe that many foreign musicians like me, had the honor came to this beautiful city Hangzhou Philharmonic. the orchestra not only to show the world the cultural diversity of Hangzhou, but also to allow more foreign friends understand Hangzhou. "

The partner Gabriel Felts, pianist Tan Xiaotang, not only many times as the audience well-known "Kikujiro summer, - Joe Hisaishi Dream piano Totoro band playing" the piano solo, still in 2008 recorded the piano part of the theme song, "I" and "olympic flag" for the Beijing Olympic Games. The two will work together to Hangzhou Philharmonic, the common interpretation of the tragic and beautiful Brahms Tragic Overture, romantic Schumann a minor Piano Concerto in A major seventh of the "ups and downs of the Beethoven symphony .
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