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Hisaishi, Laputa piano unplugged Recital
Click:3580      Time:2012-05-18
       Joe Hisaishi (JOE), music, and always brought back the pure power of the human heart. Moonlight, dazzling under the stars, the evening of May 18, a "Castle in the Sky Joe Hisaishi piano unplugged Recital" played by the district wide letter Baidu City Piazza over melodious, flowing while the Spirit move the sounds of nature attracted a lot of love animation, the size of the friends like music to the scene.

       Recital, song ethereal and with a touch of classic sad piano and strings version of "Laputa", pure and sincere "Spirited Away" theme music of "One Summer's Day", and the animation classic "Kiki's Delivery Service" contagious, "the replacement of the Four Seasons" Hisaishi masters classic representative tracks, one by one from the ten fingers of players ethereal dancing, flowing, deeply impressed with the size of the audience's mind, for this beautiful early summer night with to a fascinated the art of enjoyment.

      This is a music practitioner of the Dream Tour, is to help children into art galleries and a useful attempt. The event organizers Weihai real estate has been the pursuit of the arts in their own growth of children, Sincere Heart education is to go in to create the theme of education community, the dissemination of human living feelings to explore the road not only pushing all kinds of education brand settled in the the Baidu city a commercial project, two projects in the theme of education community has organized several community and prospective owners of the children to participate in such artistic activities. Confined to the the Weihai music market as well as their own professional constraints, activities designed to inspire children to musical thinking and musical dreams from childhood to develop their pursuit of art and love, leaving around a walking tour of the life struggle on older friends slow down the pace of arduous chase and get down to feel the real charm of the art.
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