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Italian pianist interpretation Tong Mengqin edge
Click:4105      Time:2012-05-17
                                                                                                                     Carlo Kiara Di Li Botuo         

        In the evening of June 1, a unique "world classic fairy tale song audio-visual concert" will be staged in Guangzhou Friendship Theatre. Italian pianist Carlo Singhalese Di Li Botuo,-with the pianoled the audience into the fairy tale world.

       Carlo Singhalese Di Li Botuo,-is the 1995 winner of the Chopin International Piano Competition Awards and winner of the 2001 Madrid, Spain International Composition Competition Award.

      This time, he not only presented Scarlatti's B minor Sonata, Mozart's "The Star Variations, Haydn's" in E Minor Sonata, Guangzhou audience, will also give special encore of a Chinese song, "Clouds Chasing the Moon ".
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