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2012 Youth Leadership candidate famous pianist Yundi Li
Click:3713      Time:2012-05-16

(YUNDI), internationally renowned pianist. 2000 on behalf of the Chinese to participate in the International Chopin Piano Competition to win, his performance shocked the classical music industry, the authority of the media in Europe and America called "star glamor.

        He is the first Chinese pianist to board the authority of the U.S. financial newspaper The Wall Street Journal and Japan, "Time magazine," said "AERA" cover story; he is the first Madame Tussauds is selected as the celebrity wax pianist ; he is the first with the Berlin Philharmonic issued a live recording of the Chinese pianist. China first in Poland, "the glory of art" Medal winners. The world's major authoritative media, such as "New York Times all praised his performance is unique, elegant and noble and very poetic, called of the most romantic most poetic of the International Piano Masters.

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